Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Gleggies!!

I am working on a new comic/graphic novel. "The Gleggies"

There is an evil corporation named the Scrappers. It is run by the SHNOZ. That company is evil, but the rest of the world doesn't know it. The Scrappers destroy planets and rummage for stuff, then they sell it. 

Join our heros Matt, CC, Charlie, Ted, and Pop
in this fun, action packed Graphic Novel.


  1. Hi Reid,
    Pretty good stuff. The story is viable, the colors are sensational and the composition is terrific. Maybe you picked it up in utero! Whatever, you are the only blogger I have read who says, "I will write you back." Are you sure you aren't 29?

    1. Thank you Randine, what type of art do you do? Yes I am only 9, that's why my mom helps me on her blog account.
      I am glad you likee my work.

  2. I loved the black and white pencil sketch and the colored version is even more wonderful. so much detail and color splash... that just makes it all come alive. Wow, Reid you are just becoming more and more excellent with each piece of art and story plot.....zowie...a creative and literary genious...


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